DevOps at Nitor

In the post-Cloud revolution, DevOps is gaining tremendous traction due to its ability to foster continuous improvements, reduce project failure rates, and promote a performance-oriented culture. According to Statista, 30% of software development companies are implementing DevOps solutions and reaping the benefits of a streamlined release management cycle, faster time to market, and cost-effective scaling. Moreover, to manage market volatility, businesses are increasingly adopting a robust setup that achieves successful Agile delivery with minimal risks.

Nitor is proud to offer customized DevOps services that give your current systems, processes, and infrastructure an overhaul. With our stellar DevOps technologies and expertise in automation tools, Nitor’s engineers optimize release cycle management costs while ensuring optimal productivity. This results in our rapid product releases and increased product quality.

Why DevOps?

Our state-of-the-art DevOps implementation services are tailored to your specific business needs. We can help refine your DevOps practices so you can:

Deploy 10 times
more frequently

Increase fruitful projects
by 40%

Reduce support
costs by 50%

What We Do

  • Assessment: Appraise your company’s readiness for Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Delivery (CD) transformation
  • Analysis: Identify the implications of DevOps gaps and challenges
  • Benchmarking: Gauge DevOps capabilities against industry competitors
  • Plan: Create a personalized roadmap for the DevOps transformation

Strategize rapid application development for increased quality and reduced time-to-market

  • Methodology Modernization: Deploy Agile methodology across heterogeneous architectures
  • Continuous Delivery: Improve product quality with infrastructure automation, CI/CD, test automation, Cloud adoption, and SCM
  • Release Management: End-to-end traceability and accountability across the enterprise ecosystem with release planning, monitoring, automation and management

Automate, optimize, and monitor a project delivery pipeline

  • Expert-verified Architecture: Employ microservices and serverless computing under the guidance of Nitor’s domain experts
  • Infrastructure Automation: Avail the benefits of automated infrastructure without needing to worry about traditional infrastructure management
  • Business Congruence: Fit within the business model by lowering costs and reducing time-to-market

Reimagine the next generation of products

  • Infrastructure as Code: Automate infrastructure on AWS, Azure, and OpenStack
  • Monitoring & Logging: Select the optimal set of tools by evaluating your environment with a matrix of features, cost, maintainability, and complexity
  • Custom Integrations: Diagnose and solve IT issues with reliable checks, designs, and integrations with third party remediation tools

Engage the optimal set of tools to monitor infrastructure, applications, and systems

DevOps Diagnostic

Discover your stage of DevOps maturity with our exclusive DevOps Diagnostic tool! Tell us about your current business systems to get a free and fully customized diagnostic report.

Why Nitor


We use the latest technology to automate CI/CD and container cluster management, as well as execute accurate configuration. Nitor is proud to always deliver precise outcomes and lasting value.

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